Friday, July 18, 2008

Volunteering at the Book Table in the Exhibition Hall

The Book Table-- It really is the place to be. We are volunteering each day to help the Progressive Book Club people run their booth in the hall. This has turned out to be a great place to hang. Get to see lots of cool folks doing even more cool things.

During this morning's session;
John Dean, Richard Clark, Cliff Schecter and Amanda Marcotte all were on hand for chats, book signings, and general hellos to netroots activists, fellow bloggers and the media.

It also means we get to meet other netroots nation people who are interested in issues, well read, smart and passionate. WOW. And we get to chat with them about some of the best books being published these days.

I have to say that the two ladies from Progressive Book Club have been wonderful and are working hard to bring authors and books to the netroots. They are big sponsors of this event, and they are helping as a sponsor for the Big Tent in Denver! We all owe them some props. Join up. It's a great deal.

We volunteer because the Netroots Convention is a big hard thing to run, and there are very few paid staffers. So volunteers really help keep the whole thing running along smoothly.