Friday, July 18, 2008

Question For Richard Clarke

Richard Clarke speaking with John Dean

I had the opportunity to bulldog Richard Clarke for 5 minutes, and I asked him about something I had noticed that had been happening.

Cross Border Operations is the green-lighting of Special Operations teams to perform cross border incursions in order to conduct reconnaissance, snatch and grab and counter terrorist operations.

It has occurred to me that this has been risen from the unspeakable, something that is completely classified and if/and when it ever happened was always denied and the risk of exposure of the operations was a major factor in the whole process to being almost a foreign policy tool. Something that not only is acceptable but almost bragged about, for instance in Iran, and Pakistan.

First of all, my question to him was about as clear as the above one, so I got what I deserved. His reply was that he thought that if there were operations going on people certainly shouldn't be talking about it on FOX. Which I guess was a yes, but like I said my question was poorly worded. I blame Jet Lag and society