Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Strange Trip

It's been a long strange trip indeed. It seems a mighty long time ago that I first started emailing Gilly and he told me I should blog. Then talking to Jen and JimInLA who were running his blog while he was in the hospital, and Jesse telling me he registered Group News Blog. Many, many posts later it makes me realize how prolific Steve was and how hard this is. Especially with a day job, and a side one.

It has been a quite a ride, I look forward to Netroots and the convention in Denver and hope to find some angle or an overlooked story from there. It's hard to find the right spot these days. The top tier has hardened into some sort of blog-crete. It is very difficult to break into that A-level blogging space. Harder still, is finding the truth and writing it down.

What is nice is, to have so many friendly words and friendly people when you do write. So many names, from years and years ago. Sometimes I remember a name I see in the comments from 5 or 6 years ago. It's a small community, but a large one.

And so it goes.

p.s. send some money to support our folks heading to netroots, etc.