Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Am Spartacus!

and I am also aware of ALL your internet traditions...

If there are people who are going to try to demonise Barack because of his middle name then I will be Rick Hussein Fizdale until November 4th," Mr Fizdale, who is Jewish, told The Daily Telegraph. "I'm not afraid of Barack and I'm not afraid of Hussein.

"The idea related to the wonderful scene in Spartacus [film of 1960] in which the Romans want to crucify Spartacus. Every one of the slaves stands up and says, 'I am Spartacus'.

"When Barack arrived and was saying hello to people he saw my name tag and broke into a big smile and put his hands on my shoulders."

Later on during the event, Mr Obama praised the "wonderful sticker" Mr Fizdale had been wearing. "The theory was, we're all Hussein. But that accurately captures, I think, the strategy. from the Telegraph
More evidence of the blogosphere's efforts bubbling up into the corporate media consciousness. Good on this guy!--yours truly, tlhg
P.S. Spartacus would certainly have given generously to the GNB, so what are you waiting for?