Wednesday, July 2, 2008

sigh... Christopher Hitchens Waterboards Himself

As someone else who has "attended" SERE training, I read with interest this account of Christopher Hitchens having himself waterboarded.

The "official lie" about waterboarding, Hitchens says, is that it "simulates the feeling of drowning". In fact, "you are drowning - or rather, being drowned".

He rehearses the intellectual arguments, both for ("It's nothing compared to what they do to us") and against ("It opens a door that can't be closed"). But the Hitch's thoroughly empirical conclusion is simple. As Vanity Fair's title puts it: "Believe me, it's torture." -- The Guardian
To which I would reply:

If any member of congress would like to experience this, please let me know I still remember some of the dastardly things the dirty commies were going to do to us.

Torture it's the new black.