Friday, July 18, 2008

No More GNB Fundraising Till January

Gold bullion

The $400 Question

When last we saw our heroes, they were struggling to raise one grand in 72 hours.

Y'all saved our asses.

I promised to explain what said $1,000.00 was for.

Let us review.

$400 -- embargoed till last Tuesday, to be explained in this post. Finally!
$350 -- OTR (off the record) then, OTR today, OTR tomorrow.
$250 -- shit we intended to pay for anyway in the final 3 days of fundraising.
$1,000 total emergency fundraising

That handles the last two, leaving only the story of the $400 to be told, which, I'm happy to explain very fast.

Only a few blogs were credentialed to report from inside the Democratic Convention this coming August. Some leading bloggers came up with The Big Tent -- a 9,000 sq foot tw0-story media center sponsored by the leading progressive blogs and liberal think tanks. Problem is, we didn't hear about the details till they let us know we'd been approved for four credentialed seats inside The Big Tent.

These seats solve a HUGE logistical problem for us during the convention. See, when we received our DNCC credential for the actual convention, that only lets one person inside the Pepsi center at a time. Plus, the actual "convention" only happens for a few hours a night. The question is, where do we work?

The Big Tent with its multiple large-screen television feeds and closed circuit is perfect. Perfect at $100 a seat...which I discovered when I logged in to their site late at night Saturday to register our core writers to write at the convention. When is why we turned to y'all Sunday morning for help.

Which you provided.

And we deeply thank you.