Monday, July 7, 2008

Breaking: Final Day of Denver @ MILE HIGH

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Obama's Acceptance Speech at INVESCO Field at Mile High

In a break with tradition, the Democratic National Convention Committee announced today the final day of the convention, Thursday, August 28, 2008, will be held at INVESCO Field at Mile High, including Senator Barack Obama's acceptance speech. INVESCO Field holds more than 75,000 people.

Democratic National Convention Committee

“The Democratic Party is nominating a true change candidate this August, and it is only fitting that we make some big changes in how we put on the Convention,” said Governor Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). “Senator Obama’s candidacy has generated an enormous amount of excitement and interest, not only in the Democratic Party but also in the 2008 Convention. By bringing the last night of the Convention out to the people, we will be able to showcase Barack Obama’s positive, people-centered vision for our country in a big way. ”

“Barack Obama’s campaign for change has inspired millions of Americans and brought people into the political process who might never have been involved,” said Convention Co-Chair Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. “This change in the Convention program will allow thousands of first-time participants a chance to take part. I can’t think of a better Convention finale for our nominee who has made reaching out to voters a hallmark of his campaign.”

Primetime Convention activities Monday, August 25 through Wednesday, August 27 will continue to be held at the Pepsi Center. The final day of the Convention on Thursday, August 28, including the nomination acceptance speech of Senator Barack Obama, will be held at INVESCO Field at Mile High, also located in downtown Denver. Daytime Convention events, including meetings of the Democratic caucuses and councils will continue to be held at the Colorado Convention Center.

The DNCC announced today that a special block of “Community” credentials will be reserved for Colorado residents for Thursday night’s program at INVESCO Field. Details about how to sign up and receive a “Community Credential” for the last night of the Convention will be released in the coming weeks.
That's going to seriously FUCK UP the construction crews building the new media city at the Pepsi Center.

Now... In addition to totally building out an entire media city in one arena, they have to build an entire SECOND media city in INVESCO Field.

Ah, the producers of this cluster-fuck are going absolutely APE-SHIT. I mean, 100%, out of their minds insane.

This cracks me up. I remember an event. The roof caved in -- Philly I think it was -- 48, 72 hours before the event. We had to relocate the damn thing to Madison Square Garden including the television uplinks, satellite feeds, which satellite we were relaying off, AND contact something like 3,000 people and tell them to get to New York. We had BUSES in Philly that afternoon hauling people to the City for those who didn't get the word. Talk about your major clusterfucks.

This... this Obama speaking at Mile High has all the makings of a world-class clusterfuck. Not for Obama. Obama will be GREAT. He eats this shit up. But everyone else will be going bug-fucking NUTS.

The good news? Group News Blog will be there with four reporters covering it LIVE. Ha!

I am SO HAPPY!!!