Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back in the Land of The Rising Sun

I finally got back to my little corner of Tokyo. Airlines really handled everything well in dealing with our mechanical problem, they put me up in a hotel, made all the plane change arrangements. But still so tired.

Update on the earthquake, looks like more than 100 injured but could have been much worse.

Tokyo (dpa) - At least 134 people were injured in a magnitude-6.8 earthquake that jolted northern Japan shortly after midnight Thursday, media reports said. Landslides were reported in some mountainous areas, windows shattered and objects fell as the seismic wave rattled buildings across northern Japan. Water pipes burst, leaving more than 500 households without water in some regions, and some 8,600 households experienced temporary power outages. East Japan Railway Co suspended train services in the northern region Thursday morning for safety checks. No damage was reported to nuclear power plants in Miyagi and Fukushima provinces, or at nuclear fuel recycling facilities in Aomori city. The government set up a task force at the prime minister's office to deal with the quake's aftermath. The Japan Meteorological Agency said the earthquake's epicentre was 108 kilometres under the sea basin off the north-eastern coast of Iwate province.
I learned today that more than 20% of the worlds major or above 5pts on the scale earthquakes happen in Japan. I am originally from Pennsylvania where the earth normally doesn't shake at all... and even after living in Japan for a long time I am still not used to it. At all. Anyone have any good earthquake stories? Ironically the biggest one I was ever in was on the Big Island of Hawaii. I was there on vacation from Japan. It was that big one that made all the news. Quite a surprise. I have a piece of the Hilton chandelier that dropped it's crystals all over the massive lobby. ahhh memories. Now must go deal with dinner and jet lag.