Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Great Time Waster Site

taken from the Trivial Pursuit Website

Trivia Hall of Fame

Is a great site. I visit daily. I am a notorious trivia geek. I'm blessed with not only pretty above average retention, I have a rapid retreival system. Just lucky though, my brain seems to be built like that.

You can give them a look in here.

They have daily games, and a weekly quiz that is almost always interesting.

For more background on me and my obsession with things trivial you can follow the links to read about my last audition for Jeopardy!

Contestant Search Report


Further conversations with the exotic Redhead

Please give the Trivia Hall of Fame a look, maybe even take one of the quizzes for a spin. If enough of us register and play we can get some kind of sick competition things going.