Monday, July 14, 2008

$500 and Only 42.5 Hours Left

Doonesbury. October 30, 2005.
Doonesbury. October 30, 2005. Click for LARGE.

Let's Finish Up TODAY

Recap of yesterday's post:

$1,000 To Go, Three Days Left

Saturday we got slammed with $1,000.00 in unexpected expenses.
Yesterday we set out to raise $300+ daily: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

We asked you to donate generously... and guess what?
  • You didn't come in at 25% -- a quarter.
  • You didn't give at $300+ -- a third as we had asked.
  • You didn't even give at 40%...
HALF. You donated HALF.
Yesterday, Sunday, our second slowest day of the week, you folks gave HALF the funds we need.

You rock. You rock hard.

Today is Monday, our best circulation day of the week. Let's end this today and not wait till tomorrow.

Please contribute right now. Let's close this out. We accept credit cards, checks, and PayPal, and you can also mail us a check or money order.

PayPal or credit card:

Group News Blog
PO Box 809
Bellevue WA 98009

Give what you can: $200, $100, $75, $50, the number you know is right.

We have under 42 and a half hours left to raise $500.00. Let's do it TODAY.

We ask, request, invite, and urge you to donate NOW.

GNB is here for you no matter what or if you donate. We care and honor you, and we thank you.

You are the best.

Update: 1/10 pm/am ET/PT

We're at $125 so far today.

PLEASE, please, donate what you can.

Only $375 to go and GNB fundraising is over till Jan.

More importantly, we will be fixed for the Democratic convention.

Please give now. We're almost there. Let's close this out today!

Update: 4/1 pm ET/PT

Climbing sloooowly. Up to $185 today.

We have $315 to go.

Come on folks. YOU CAN DO IT.

I'm going to the dentist now. Hubris asks for your help next.

Please... Make this happen TODAY.