Sunday, June 15, 2008

VP Stakes; The Wishful Thinking Edition

Ok, I am pretty darn sure that neither of these choices will happen this year-- and I think winning pres. once and having it stolen from you would make someone disinclined to go for the number 2 seat again. (are there term limits for Veep?)

BUT-- I just love both of these guys, and especially Howard would make a great V.P.. He is a political fighter for "We the people." (this post is a special gift to my good friend and long time fellow Deaniac, Terri) Barack was a great supporter of his in '04 and vice versa.

So if wishes were enough to make it so; I bring you these two choices.



This second choice is particularly unlikely given that Barack just asked Howard to stay on as his DNC chair marshaling forces in the 50 state strategy. There are some much more likely choices to vet in future posts, no worries. I felt like being a little bit of a political dreamer today. Thanks to our commentors for excellent suggestions for future posts.