Saturday, June 14, 2008

The VP Stakes; the Richardson Edition

This pair has been widely speculated about. I personally think it unlikely though I am a big Richardson fan. I love his stance on veterans issues, and again he has tons of foreign affairs creds. He is a Gov. not a senator... which helps, and he passes the tlg photo test. In fact, there are hundreds of photos of Obama and Richardson together. But I think we will see him offered a big cabinet position. I don't think he will be Veep.

He is on many short lists, and various folks have suggested that he helps bring the Hispanic vote. I have talked to some friends who work in the Hispanic caucus and other political positions though and they say he is not really thought of as a "Hispanic Candidate" by many within the community. So I am not sure on that point.

He is from a good geographic area for ticket balance, and as I said he is passionate about helping our vets which is one of my favorite things about him. His idea for a heroes health card was one of the best, small, doable ideas I heard during the entire primary season.

Oh, and I love the goatee. But still somehow he does not seem like the one.

Let the GNB vetting begin.