Sunday, June 15, 2008

The V.P. Stakes; The Edwards Edition

John Edwards endorsement was an important point in the primary. He supports many of the best of the progressive stands on the issues that have been discussed in this very long election cycle. Sen. Edwards was very popular in the primary season espeically in the blogosphere. He has been a powerful voice against lobbyist influence and a powerful voice for universal health care and for ending poverty across our country.

His vice presidential role on the '04 campaign trail was not all that it could have been. It is unknown if this was because of tenisions between the top and bottom halves of the ticket, or just general poor campaign management but he certainly could have been a stronger more valued voice in that cycle.

We have quite a few regulars who started out this year as Edwards supporters-- so I suspect a few of us would be thrilled to see him on the ticket.

On a personal note, I had the chance to help the Edwards team last year as a volunteer at Yearly Kos. I was the person who was assigned to help him back stage and to help him get from the end of the debate to the town hall session he conducted in another area of the chicago convention center. He was warm, gracious (let me have a picture taken with him-- which was honestly a thrill-- you can see it posted in our GNB Facebook page.) And his townhall was fantastic. He answered so many questions, some of them quite challenging, and he did it with intelligence and an open spirit.

I think an Obama-Edwards ticket would be a strong one. The are a handsome pair in a photo too! (though I am actually hoping for Edwards as AG) I think the official GNB Vetter, "Cupcake" Rollins would like this ticket, how about you?