Friday, June 27, 2008

In a Town Called Unity

UNITY, N.H. — Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton set off on their maiden political voyage on Friday, trading their rivalry from the presidential primary battle for a newfound display of harmony intended to set a fresh tone for any Democrats still harboring bitterness from their grueling duel.

It was a day of choreographed unity — their destination was a rally here in this small western New Hampshire town — with the two senators appearing together before the cameras for the first time. Three weeks after suspending her campaign, Mrs. Clinton renewed her endorsement and pledged to do all she could to help Democrats win the White House in the fall.-- New York Times
Ok-- start your engines ladies and gents, let's get this thing done. What are you planning in your areas to get out the vote? What are your plans to raise awareness? What is your donation strategy? (Budget now, we need you.) Are you registered to vote yet? If not, why the hell not? Plan now how you are going to get at least 2 other non registered friends or family to participate this year. Each and every one of us needs our own personal field plan. We have just about 4 months left. What are you going to do to help end this 8 year nightmare?

One of my friends went to the Unity NH event and posted this photo of the buses lined up in neighboring town pick up points. This was just at one pick up stop of many... I think the repubs are in some serious trouble.