Monday, June 23, 2008

Dead Americans = Good for McCain

Charlie Black, one of McCain's most senior political advisers, said in an interview with Fortune Magazine that a fresh attack "would be a big advantage to him." He also said that the December assassination of Benazir Bhutto, which he called an "unfortunate event," helped him win the Republican primary by focusing attention on national security.

Charlie "Top Lobbyist" Black? Charlie "I support Congolese Dictator Mobutu" Black?...

Yes Charlie, a "fresh" attack would be fucking wonderful. Bodies flying, buildings crashing to the ground. Blood and turmoil. That would be just fucking peachy.

Sorry Charlie, Bhutto's assassination had nothing to do with your client winning the GOP nomination, he won because of all the losers the GOP ran, he was the least worst. But they have rethought that decision numerous times since then. Bhutto affecting the RNC nomination, are you fucking kidding me?