Friday, April 11, 2008

GNB guest blogger- becomes DNC member

I am proud and happy to announce that I have won my election to be a DNC member representing Democrats Abroad in the Asia Pacific Region. It was a close election, and I am grateful to everyone in my region for their efforts, support and for making what I know was a difficult decision choosing between 2 worthy candidates.

I commit to support DA at every opportunity going forward in the Democratic National Committee, and to work toward our mission of electing Democrats at every level of our government.

Thanks go to all of you at the GNB who wrote to me and gave me your good wishes.

And thanks go to Professor Juan Cole, Bob Neer, Wednesday Wire - John McQueen, And Skipp Orr for writing to the voters in my region in recommendation of my candidacy.
(whew it is over... I was on pins and needles)