Friday, April 11, 2008

B-2 Bomber Crash Picture

$2.1 Billion

A B-1 Lancer Bomber and a B-2 Stealth Bomber involved in two separate crashes have yet to leave Guam.

Andersen Air Force Base Capt. Joel Stark confirms the two military aircraft are still grounded on the base pending the outcome of their investigations.

Stark adds that no date has been set as to when the two bombers will leave the island.

Earlier this month, a B-1 Lancer Bomber collided with emergency vehicles on the taxiway. The bomber made an in-flight emergency landing at AAFB. --Marianas Variety

Uhm.... This bird is going nowhere, except maybe to act as a artificial coral reef. I wonder how the grounding of all B-2's is affecting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Photo lifted from Aviation Week who lifted it from a duck hunter, seriously.