Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Murtha Endorses Clinton in Pennsylvania

John Murtha, (D) PA-12.

Just over one month to go till the Pennsylvania primary, and Pennsylvania 12th District, veteran, and anti-Iraq war activist Congressman John Murtha (D) has endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton for President.

The Washington Post

“Sen. Clinton is the candidate that will forge a consensus on health care, education, the economy, and the war in Iraq,” Murtha wrote in a statement about his decision.

Murtha, who represents the 12th district of Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, was an early and sometimes inflammatory critic of the Iraq war. As a retired Marine Corps colonel and the first combat veteran of Vietnam elected to serve in Congress, Murtha’s voice on Clinton’s behalf could prove especially valuable in both inoculating her from anti-war criticism and bolstering her claim that she is the most qualified to serve as commander-in-chief. That message is the backbone of Clinton’s appearances this week.

“Her experience and careful consideration of these issues convinced me that she is best qualified to lead our nation and to bring credibility back to the White House,” Murtha said. He said he “whole-heartedly” recommends Clinton to all voters in his state.
Meanwhile, Obama is setting the bar for Pennsylvania low, low, low, telling major donors that Hillary should win in Pennsylvania, and that his goal is simply to get within 10 points.

Clever. If Obama does do better -- but loses -- he wins. If he loses, it's what he expected. And in any event he will still do fine with Pledged Delegate Votes, and end up ahead overall.

Assuming the game doesn't change radically.

Six months ago almost no one predicted the race would still be ongoing after Super Tuesday. That's why we have elections -- to see what happens.

Murtha's endorsement of Hillary Clinton will swing some Pennsylvania votes.

And the beat goes on...