Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday

Well the numbers are still coming in. New Mexico is swinging back in forth with Clinton now up by 40 some votes. Regardless, he got just about the same amount of delegates as she got. That goes for all the states. He won the majority of the states and in the ones he lost, he got just about the same amount of delegates that she received.

In the end it looks like he will finish up 20 some odd delegates more than her. The upcoming schedule looks very good for Obama, states that he has been polling well in. He out raised her in January 3:1, and that is going to get worse for her. There are only so many people who can afford to give $2,300. The Clinton campaign needed to put Obama to bed before today. Its hard for her from here. She can just sit on her delegates and hope for a mistake on Obama's part.

People are talking about super-delegates. Elected party members, state party chairs, etc. But these delegates don't count to your total until the convention. They can declare themselves for a candidate now, but they can change their minds tomorrow. Unlike the 'pledged' delegates awarded by the states. Yes, it's a bit of a chess game for her from here out and he needs to campaign hard but that momentum has not been stopped.

I have 3 words for the Clinton campaign: Mo, Men, Tums...