Monday, February 25, 2008

John McCain, Manchurian Candidate

There has been this persistent rumor about John McCain. That he was tortured by the North Vietnamese into being a Manchurian Candidate, like in the movie, and no I am not talking about the crappy remake. I am referring to the Sinatra movie. Where a veteran was brainwashed into trying to assassinate the president. So, McCain is running for president because it's much easier to kill yourself I guess.

Yes, this is the sort of thing that really stupid people send around and I mean really stupid. I hate these people. None of them send me these anymore, because my response is really not that.... measured.

Those same people are now sending around another email now. Obama is a Weather Underground Communist Muslim Bomber. Apparently because his brothers dog once pee'd on a fence that was owned by a guy who I think is in the background of picture below, anyway, this guy knew a guy who might have been involved, and was totally not trying to score with any of the chicks hanging around revolutionary headquarters.

Some of these stupid people who are sending this email around work at CNN and some of them are named Nedra Pickler, and some of them are named Larry Johnson. The premise about Barack Obama is that he is so anti-American, and sooooo secretly a Weather Underground guy that he is running for president. I shit you not. He is so unpatriotic that he is going to try to be elected President of The United States of America. These people should wear soft leather helmets when they go outdoors.