Sunday, February 10, 2008

Campaign Trail Note #3

I failed caucus class Saturday. *sighs*

My report at techPresident, the technical story of the Presidential race.


Failing the Mobile Caucus Test in WA State
by Jesse Wendel

I didn't caucus in Washington State today. Of course, it's my own damn fault for not knowing where my caucus meets.

Personally, I blame the campaigns. They failed the mobile wireless test.

Caucus time is 1 pm. Doors close at 1:30. Left the house at 12:55. Plenty of time; after all, I vote just up the street at the elementary school. Arrived precisely at 1 an empty parking lot.

Oh yeah. I remember reading, "your caucus location is different from your polling location." No problem. It's an elementary school. That much I remember.

Twenty-eight minutes...

How hard can it be?

There's more...
This being part of your community stuff -- much harder than it looks.

NOTE: Nothing in this post should be construed as an endorsement of either Democratic candidate for president. It is an article with facts and opinions about politics. I have not made up my mind, and GNB is not endorsing any candidate until there is a clear nominee. I intend to add this to all my political posts from now till we have a nominee.