Saturday, February 9, 2008

Campaign Trail Note #2

Obama event yesterday, February 9. Filled Key Arena, over 18,000 and turned people away. Daughter #3 Kyle was... well, more later, when I give my report.

This is just a quick note. On-site staff work not nearly as impressive as last night. On the other hand, 1-2,000 v. 18,000+. The Clinton event: a huge room at Pier 30 where everyone is visible from every place (Secret Service sweeps fairly easy) v. sweeping a massive arena. And let's face it, one campaign staff is new to the national stage, their volunteers are younger, and they're playing much bigger houses. It showed. The Obama national staff on the other hand, has been fairly quick to get back to me, and helpful.

I'll give a full report on the event itself later today (hopefully; or Sunday), after I've got some sleep. The plan is, sleep, waffles and bacon while starting to write, caucus from 1-3, keep writing and eventually post. One post each on each event, and maybe some sidebars. Depends on how long I hold out.

Obama event in a nutshell: Rock concert & revival. You want to talk turned on? No one EVER sat down (except press.) The entire audience was on its feet the entire talk. 18,000+ people rose to their feet when he took the stage and when it was over, they could barely talk from yelling themselves hoarse.

Good times. I wish I'd had a lighter to hold up for the encore. Not as much in the way of substance as I'd have liked, but wow, does this guy know how to hold a crowd. I mean that in the most positive possible way. He's a genuine leader. He speaks, people follow.

It is clear to me after watching Senator Obama, one genuine advantage he has over Senator Clinton, is people are so inspired by him, that for the first time since President Kennedy, the best and the brightest of the Democratic Party may be attracted to government and public service jobs, because Barack Obama calls them to serve.

The United States desperately needs new leadership. Senator Obama is inspiration. He speaks; people are inspired.

That ain't small potatoes.

More later. Goodnight.

NOTE: Nothing in this post should be construed as an endorsement of either Democratic candidate for president. It is an article with facts and opinions about politics. I have not made up my mind, and GNB is not endorsing any candidate prior to there being a clear nominee.

(I intend to add this to all my political posts from now till we have a nominee. If I forget, please assume I meant to add it and forgot. *smiles*)