Friday, February 8, 2008

Campaign Trail Note #1

Met with many local bloggers here tonight. Too tired to list them all. Soon. With links. Good group of folks. Had fun. Plus, invited to go out with them again on Tuesday nights to Blogging Liberally. How fun.

Then off to the Clinton event where even though I was late, they were expecting and looking for me, took me in past the lines literally pressed up against the outside doors into the packed auditorium on Pier 30, led me up onto the national press riser, fed me donuts and brought me water when I needed to take my pain meds. Sucking up to the press... Good staff work Team Clinton. (Especially thank you to the wonderful Crystal Patterson who set everything in motion.)

I'll say this much, before moving on... the room was jumping. People were lit up. She not only had solid plans she worked in to what she said, but she inspired people. This isn't John Kerry's stump speech. People were turned on and cheering.

Kyle wants to see history made, so off to see Senator Obama in the morning. Will leave her at Key Arena to find her own way home.

One big consolidated post on both events, hopefully tonight. If not, Saturday morning while eating waffles.

Then tomorrow (Saturday), we caucus here in Washington State. Be there by 1 pm at the latest. Anyone arriving after 1:30 pm, your vote doesn't count. Be there early.

Oh... and if everyone would be so kind, please don't put into comments, anyone else's personal caucus locations. That's for email, not for what Google can archive forever. Thanks for understanding.

This is being written at 3:30 am, but I'm sticking it in at 2 am, so as not to jump on HS's post. Mine is just a note, and his is a real post.

That's it for tonight. You've been lovely. Lovely I say.