Saturday, January 12, 2008

US: Iraqi Bombs Rise In Iraq

EFP - Explosive Formed Projectile

I am re-titling the piece I just saw on CNN.

U.S.: Iranian bombs rise in Iraq --
Attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq with bombs believed linked to Iran -- known as explosively formed penetrators (EFPs) -- have risen sharply in January after several months of decline, according to the top U.S. commander in Iraq.

The Military itself has said these are being made in Iraq not Iran. They have found manufacturing sites for them in Baghdad. Its a simple process. They are heavy and expensive to ship. I know we keep trying to gin up reasons to attack Iran since the Monty Python-esque Speedboat Liars for Truth were exposed, but why are we re-running this old bunch of crap?
Gen. David Petraeus disclosed the reversal to reporters after a meeting with President Bush who was visiting troops in Kuwait.

"In this year, EFPs have gone up, actually, over the last 10 days by a factor of two or three, and frankly we're trying to determine why that might be," Petraeus said.

Ah... Thats why. Bush is making Petraeus say it in order to increase tensions with Iran. Its incredible that CNN just gobbles these stories up. Is it possible that someone at CNN could use google just once before buying hook, line and sinker into one of these bullshit fantasies fueled by Dick Cheney's imagination and war lust.

These devices are very simple to manufacture. The Iraqi's rebuild Mercedes Benz's, I think creating a copper disk isn't that much of a stretch and why ship something a 1,000 miles when you can make it in Uncle Ahmed's machine shop down the street?