Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Surge is Working, IV.2

Yeah... right.

The media now say that Iraq is a secondary issue. But the voters, so far mostly on the Republican side, disagree. In New Hampshire last week, two-thirds of Republicans who voted in the primary told exit pollsters they support the war in Iraq. Oddly enough, they like the war more than they like President Bush.

For obvious reasons, McCain is the chief beneficiary of the surge effect. He has relentlessly promoted increasing the number of troops in Iraq and adopting a counterinsurgency strategy that stresses the protection and safety of Iraqi citizens. -- AP

Uhm... but... but...
Iraqi authorities have taken charge of reconstruction projects along with military operations in southern Iraq, establishing a major test of their ability to effectively manage the large sums of money involved.
-- Wired ,In Basra, Iraqis Go It Alone.

Except in the south, were we really couldn't give a shit. And the outlying provinces and suburbs of Baghdad, and parts of Baghdad, and that bit over there, but other than that!

Well, we are protecting Iraqi's by allowing them to protect themselves. Bootstraps and all that don't you know!