Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Eats

Belgian Waffles With Strawberries. New Year's Day, 2006.

Kaffir Lime, Tokyo. Crispy Fried Egg Salad (half portion), spicy, sweet, sour, all at one time. And the fried egg is delicious. March 25, 2007.

Chinese Cafe 8, Tokyo. Peking Duck. Sliced duck skin and meat in the pancake crepe like wrapper with three kinds of sauce. We also had the stir fried duck and then soup made with stock from the duck bones. And one wickedly spicy salad! March 20, 2006.

Keei Cafe, Capt Cook, Hawaii. Shrimp, brown rice, and coconut cakes. (Think crab cake and risotto). Local ahi with veggies and a passionfruit ginger sauce. Brazilian seafood chowder. Banana pineapple breadpudding with a passionfruit & strawberry sauce. June 15, 2007.

Kinsai, Tokyo. Carrot soup and homemade tofu. Maguro sashimi with hand ground wasabi made right in front of us. Figs and parma ham. Grilled chicken served with a fantastic yuzu pepper sauce. July 10, 2007.

HuliSues, Hawaii. Smoked Pulled Meat lunch sandwich, homemade onion rings, slaw, and hand cut fries. February 27, 2007.

The Globe, Tokyo. Scones with whipped cream and marmalade -- White Chocolate Latte, Plain, and Rum Raisin. May 7, 2006.

Yummy Sunday Eats.

All photos get LARGER if clicked.

The waffles... OMG... and the Onion Rings...

Go on... we'll wait while you go click them all.


All photos by... a friend of ours. *smiles* If you actually know who shot these, please keep it to yourself. We ask that you don't post your guesses either.

I'm hungry just creating the post.

Lucky for me, I have to take Kyle to work in four hours. Then it's over to my favorite weekend breakfast hangout with a good book, and a choice between waffles and bacon, or a mess of scrambled eggs & cheese over hash browns with country gravy. And the Sunday New York Times while I struggle some more with this "On Trust" post that I'm just not getting.

“On Trust”

Speaking of... the article "On Trust" I promised everyone back in July during the Tour de France, and more recently -- last week -- said I'd have done by this weekend? Still not done.

The essay simply isn't coming together up to my standards. Sorry.

It's a piece which genuinely matters to me in a very fundamental way, and I'm not putting it out till it's ready. What I commit to is, to start sending drafts of bits and parts of it, to my colleagues on a more regular basis, so they can hawk my ass till it's done. I also have some people out in the non-blogging world whom hopefully will review parts as well.

With luck and diligence, y'all might even see the damn thing sooner than July.

In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful Sunday Eats.

What is your weekend like? What are you having to eat?