Friday, January 4, 2008

Rosenberg on the End Of The Southern Strategy

I recommend you read all of Simon Rosenberg's piece on ending the Southern Strategy. (Its not that long.) It relates to alot of what we were seeing and hearing yesterday on the meaning of Obamas' win and everyone's reaction to it.

Liberating American politics from the pernicious era of the Southern Strategy should be one the highest strategic priorities for left-of-center politics. Last night a powerful and thoughtful man emerged on the national stage who deeply understands - and is himself the embodiment of - the moral and political imperative of moving beyond this disappointing age. He appears to be summoning the courage, the vision, and the conviction to usher in a whole new – and better – era of politics for America. At its core this new politics will embrace diversity and difference rather than exploit it; at its core this new politics will be defined by hope and tolerance not fear and Tancredoism

On Obama, race and the end of the Southern Strategy -- Simon Rosenberg.

Southern_Strategy -- Wikipedia.

UPDATE: In his argument Rosenberg points out that this is a very different America than the one Malcom and Martin died in. A 90% white, 9% black America. Very different than our America today. We can't help but think about the danger Obama faces, but we can help worrying about it.