Friday, January 25, 2008

Because We Hardly Knew Ye Fred...

Your Grade? A “Z” for Effort, Br'uh.”

I noticed what Josh Marshall points out below as well...

There's no question Fred Thompson was an innovative in his narcoleptic presidential campaign. But there's one thing that I don't think I've seen much mention of and I've been asking around the office to see if anyone had ever seen anything like it.

Fred didn't hold a press conference or go on a show or even put out a youtube video announcing his departure from the race. He just sent out a half-dozen line press release. I'm out. Bye. Thanks. A few more words, but not many.

It was one of the strangest ends to a campaign I've ever seen and it smacked of a “break-up by e-mail” level of untidiness. He couldn't have bothered to actually say “I'm out” in front of a lectern?

Not even a sitting-down, Dearfoam™ footed YouTube saying “Sorry, suckers”?

Okay. Bet! Be like that. I joked in my earlier Thompson exit post that:

Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN) ended his bid for the presidency via a statement delivered by Western Union Telegram to various news agencies. Ironically, the message's delivery method seemed to very much encapsulate Thompson's difficulty in communicating his message during the arduous 14 1/2 hours of actual campaigning he undertook.

When I wrote that, I was teasing about his distaff handling of the initial announcement, fully expecting something more from the lumbering galoot later that day.

Didn't get it.

He basically “dine-and-shined”, ducking out the tiny bathroom window at the rear of the campaign.

Punk. Made me waste a perfectly good thirty minutes writing the “Breaking News” post.

So, with that—we cap Fred off with a final send off, and as he doesn't have it in him to expend the effort to say something unique to indicate “the end”, this send off will be nothing unique or special either.

Just a mocking re-post of a video we did here pointing out just what a yawn you were from jump, Freddy-boy. It's apt. It boils you down nicely. And it expends just the level of effort you're worthy of—which is none. Thus, we bring you...

“Eau Fred”

(And don't YOU let me down it right when the time comes.