Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hello. Can I get you a cup of green tea?

Here I am posting on one of my most favoritest corners of the Blogosphere, the GNB. I once saw a Japlish T-shirt here in Japan “Mount Fuji the Most Highest Mountain in Japan!”

So, who the hell am I?

I am a long time reader and supporter of the NB and GNB -- even helping with “Kimono-fairy” duties back in the day (sad sniff and warm hugs to Jen). It is an honor to be asked to come and write on occasion- (as one of the leaves- not the tree - doc)

Introductions are in order—

Some of my more colorful and interesting current and past creds are;

Serving the public tasty food and beverage
Writing and publishing my first book in Japan
Climbing around volcanoes and looking down into gorges
Teaching at the elementary school that Noam Chomsky graduated from
Sneaking away with my honey to various and sundry islands in warm locales
Knowing the difference between good and bad sangria
And being adored as my alter ego-- at the tea altar of the “Mighty Chang.”

I hope to write and share with you a bit of my thinking on the world as we know it and the world as we hope it to be. My passions are writing, running a restaurant, travel and trying new things. I have a passion for food politics, and progressive action (with a stress on the ACTION part) And I believe we CAN make it better. (stronger-faster... )

Happy to be here and looking forward to sharing a virtual cup of tea or a glass of wine with all of you wonderful GNB-ers past, present and future.

More soon, brewing up a pot now and will be back to the table in a few.

Apologies in advance for my over fondness of ellipses and dashes. Much to my editor’s frustration-- these are habits I am not yet willing to kick.