Sunday, December 30, 2007

Benazir Bhutto, Another Bush Victim

Like a lamb to slaughter, Bush, "SureShot" Dick Cheney, and the brilliant dumbass Condi Rice, sent Benazir Bhutto to her death in Pakistan. In a sad echo of Iraq and the crowning of Ahmed Chalabi, liar and conman, who for all his faults knew better than to stand around in crowds, they sent her back in without regard for the history and situation in Pakistan. She was disliked by many for her wholesale emptying of the government treasury of billions and rampant corruption involving her husband and herself. Her party would have pulled barely 20% of the vote. I guess they are still stove-piping intelligence into the west wing these days. Intelligence that made it plausible that Bhutto could overthrow Musharraf, a general who knew better than to run and hide from the U.S. campaign to overthrow his country. She should have known better too. The draw was too great I suppose. Yet another country ruined by BushCo cunning strategies and we still have a year to go.

Its all over now. They are naming her son and husband as the head of her party. As much as she was disliked, many people actively hated her husband, "The Bag Man". I assume he will be staying out of large crowds. He kept an office outside of hers' which you had to bring the cash to, when she was in office. No, thats the end of that. There is no other opposition in Pakistan. The army is already in the streets suppressing the unrest and things will return to what passes for normal in Pakistan now.

She is just another body to be added to the Bush legacy. One of the many sad victims of the complete incompetence of this administration.