Monday, November 5, 2007

Zombies Love New York

A Park. Yoga. The East River. 100 Zombies.


Brooklyn. All the great stuff happens in Brooklyn.

Seriously, name me another American city where this could happen.

Okay, maybe San Francisco, but you know all the Clowns hanging out in Golden Gate Park would want to get in to it, and then you've got the big Red Noses and the big Clown Orange Floppy Feet getting in the way of the eternal quest for BRAINS.

Although clowns are slowed down by their big orange clown floppy feet, which would give the zombies a change to eat them. And probably get really really high, given they are San Francisco clowns and all probably have like, X and other stuff in their clown pockets, and that's a really terrifying thought -- zombies on X... "We love you. We want to eat your brains and we love you...dude and little dudette."

But no... No, this is pure.

A Park. The East River. Yoga. And 100 Zombies.

Also a book The Zen of Zombie: Better Living Through the Undead if you care, but really, if you're an actual zombie, all you need is BRAINS.

I think we need a new tagging category, er, Label, just for Zombie posts.

Done! *cracks up*

Oh... and h/t to Zombie Central, Boing Boing. You rule.