Monday, November 12, 2007

WORLD PREMIERE—Surprise! Your Credit Purchases Qualify You For A Free Screening—It's Another New Group News Blog Video Production!

This latest little exclusive video tidbit deals with the classic marketing saw of... “membership having its privileges”, if you will.

But what “club” would that be? What selective grouping is it that ascribes the rare gifts and levels of, well...“special attention” and deep emotions we're talking about here?

Is it a club you want to be down with? Is it worth it? What does it take to join?

In order of asking, the answers are:

1.) Yeah, if your desired in-crowd is petty tyrants and hate-mongers.
2.) Since no one else'll have you, why not?
And 3.) Every shred of human decency you have—which wouldn't be much.

Some would call the folks who populate this special realm of of society utterly “worthless”...but hey! Since we're about the positivity here, and would hate to be classified as one of those “mean, angry” bloggers, let's just call the particular fella the video looks at—well...let's just call him “priceless”.

So here it is, for your viewing pleasure at The Group News Blog...

“Rudy Giuliani: Priceless!”

And oh yeah...“Hmmmmph!”