Wednesday, November 21, 2007

John Edwards - Iowa Jefferson Jackson Dinner

I love this speech!

By the end, I know who Edwards is.

For me, this speech is enough. It isn't that I don't need to do my reading and compare policy. But I've been doing that all along. What I've been missing is a real glimpse into the heart of the candidates as people.

Edward's speech got to something. It reached me. I now know who this guy Edwards is; I've got him dialed in, know what he's up to and how he moves people.

I recommend you crank up the volume high -- say to eleven; my speakers go up to eleven -- and let it wash over you. Let it build. Let yourself feel the energy.

When people ask, "Well, what about Edwards?", point them here to GNB so they can hear this speech (and know to play it with their speakers cranked up to eleven.) Highly, highly recommended.

I will attempt to find similar moments of authenticity for Senators' Clinton and Obama. I've been looking -- this is simply the first one which really spoke to me.

h/t A Seattleite in Idaho.