Sunday, November 4, 2007

Emergency Ops v Rudy

Command Center - The Lies

Fire Fighters - Dead Because of Rudy

Radios - Dead On Arrival

This man wants to torture Muslims, deport Mexicans (and who gives a damn if they're here legally or not), and absolutely doesn't give a FUCK about black people, except as a way to gain political power by getting the cops to kill them now and then.

Many if not most of the deaths of 9/11 can be laid at his feet, due to his lack of emergency preparation.

Rudy really screwed the fucking pooch.

Like all Bush Republicans, Rudy's most at home telling the BIG LIE.

Take it from one who has actually worked car wreck after bus wreck after shooting after stabbing after beating after rape after home assault after child abuse after murder after motorcycle accident after train v car after helicopter crash after fire after explosion after head crushed in half after head blown off and after it all, one part becomes blindingly crystal clear...

On 9/11 Rudy was in a state of constant panic, being told what to do by his staff, with absolutely no command and control, operating out in the fucking street like a goddamn amateur, winging it.

Pro's DON'T wing it.

Rudy did, because the same radio's which had been for shit were still for shit, his fire department got blasted to hell when they couldn't talk to anyone on the shit radios, and his command center was destroyed in the one location Rudy demanded it be set up (WTC 7), overriding all rational advice and placing C&C in the same complex the bad guys had attacked before and said they'd attack again.

Rudy is running as Mr. 9/11 super-competent.

Rudy is a fake. Rudy is a liar.

Rudy is directly responsible for hundreds to thousands of deaths.

Watch the videos. Judge good ol' 9/11 Rudy for your self...

Would you really trust him with your life? Your families?