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Anti-Gay Anti-Muslim Campaign Mailers in Virginia

Jill Vogel -- Anti-Gay Anti-Muslim Hypocrite

She's unleashed a massive mailer racist homophobic hit piece on her opponent just days before the primary, with no opportunity for a rebuttal.

What she's not telling you is, her husband Alex Vogel makes huge sums as a lobbyist for gay-friendly, hell, gay-open, gay-bashing down the doors of America, gay-programing-central Viacom.

Viacom which airs Queer as Folk, The L Word, TransGeneration, and the cartoon Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple In All The World.

Oh yeah baby, do it to me. Do it to me hard. Wouldn't she make a perfect Bottom? You just know she likes it rough.

These two are massive hypocrites, up to their tainted asses in lies, greed, corruption, diverted charity money, and quite possibly, election tampering. Allegedly. *smiles sweetly*

Let's get down to it...

Jill Holzman Vogel is a nationally recognized lawyer in Republican political circles. She has held senior posts in the Republican Party and in the Bush administration, including Chief Counsel to the Republican National Committee and Deputy Counsel at the Department of Energy. Call it a payoff for her work during November and December of 2000, when Jill served as counsel in the Florida Presidential Recount, acting on behalf of the Bush-Cheney campaign in West Palm Beach and in Osceola County.

In addition, Jill's law firm has been working hard in the laundering -- oops, in the snow-job where Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist is shoveling buckets of cash, around half a mil, through an AIDS charity he controls using his political people being paid through the charity in order to keep them handy for his presidential campaign, using money donated by big corporations with business before the Senate, and using Jill's firm being paid big bucks to try and convince the IRS that everyone gets to write all of it off as a Tax Deduction, instead of going to jail for bribery, tax fraud, and election tampering.

I mentioned alleged election tampering before, and we'll get back there, but not yet.

Oh hell, let's get to it now.

From Florida, where Jill helped cheat GWB into the Presidency by shutting down the counting of the election, to Ohio where Alex Vogel helped in the "fraud of the fake voting rights groups" which "pursued racist disinformation campaigns, intended to divert attention from Ohio's election theft."

Vogel's lobbying firm was paid to go in and clean up the mess, once everyone started catching on to how the White House had stolen the election, from loading the Ohio Supreme Court to filing RICO suits just for political effect, to front organizations and carpet-bombing minorities with letters allowing their voter registrations to be challenged, and thus their votes to be declared invalid.

Not to mention making damn certain the white folks got the good machines and plenty of them, and the dirty rotten brown people got very few machines and they were the busted ones. People just left without voting instead of waiting five hours in line. Why? Because they didn't want to be fired from their job. Because they couldn't give up a day's pay. Because they were disabled and simply couldn't stand up for five hours (or even 30 minutes) waiting on a machine which might not be working when it was their turn.

Alex Vogel's firm came in to clean up the mess. Jill Vogel's firm created the legal strategy which caused the mess. Part of that mess was targeting GLBT people with hateful words (which often escalated to violence) in order to drive public letter writing campaigns, big press, and state constitutional amendments to drive single-issue Republicans to the polls to ban Gay Marriage.

Historian's remain split on how successful the GLBT issue was in driving turnout. While there is no question Republican turnout was enormous for a second election, it may be that the Republican's simply ran a massively better GOTV game via their control of church membership lists (which is illegal of course, but we're talking what happened, not what's legal.)

From Ohio where GWB beat swift-boated John Kerry by less than the margin of error (he gamed the fucking system AGAIN) we go to Virginia and meet total wackjob Laurie Letourneau (photo: the nut case at the microphone.)

This nut-case lunatic is not just Jill Vogel's babysitter -- she filed a complaint which got Mike Tate, Jill's opponent in the primaries, indicted, causing him to lose the election. The prosecutor who indicted him? Tied tightly to Jill Vogel's campaign, a visiting independent judge dropped the charges over the prosecutor's objections. And the Washington Post which reports the story mentions the prosecutor "began the investigation at the suggestion of a Holtzman Vogel campaign volunteer." That's this whack job, the fucking baby sister for Jill Vogel, and herself an accomplished and experienced political activist. a "Vogel campaign volunteer."


Here's a bit more on the whack job, just so you're clear how truly insane the George Bush wing of the Republicans are:

Daily Whackjob

Psycho Carpetbagging Nanny (PCN)

It seems that PCN is from Massachusetts, but left because:

"This place is a cesspool. It’s pathetic," she told the Worcester Telegram, discussing her home state, which has the third lowest divorce-rate in the nation. "We have an ineffective Church and a bunch of wimps in the legislature."

So, PCN packed up, moved to Virginia, and got herself buried in the Marshall/Newman Gays Are Icky Amendment as well as the Allen for Senate re-election campaign. From an e-mail I received a few weeks ago, it seems that PCN annoyed everyone at the Allen campaign.

Part that I assume is the most frustrating, and worst, is that this has all come at the hand of Laurie Latourneau- a right-wing friggin whack job. I couldn’t stand her while working for Allen- she used to call all the time with complaint after complaint. Christ himself would be a RHINO to this woman if he were to run for elected office today. She was never happy, never satisfied, and always preaching that social conservative shit to the utmost extreme. She was the individual you thought you wanted on your side, until she then was on your side- then she just hindered every effort, every word, everything. She would quickly become a thorn in everyone’s side.

So, the question comes down to this: Why is PCN working for Vogel, and did she file the complaint at the behest of the Vogel campaign? Is this the type of person who Republicans are using to push their message?
Remember that Jill's husband is a big-league consultant for Viacom, receiving (his firm) over half a million bucks for services.

Jill would have to parade naked through the East Village with Laurie Latourneau holding her on a leash, stroking her pert, aroused nipples with the strap, and offering free swats of her aged yet appealing buttocks to women passing by, for the Vogel family -- if we look at what they're paid for -- to be much more GLBT open.

What they say they're about, well, they're lying of course. What-the-fuck-ever. Follow the damn money. These are Republicans. They're not turned on or off by the sex. It's POWER they're horny for.

Here's what these hypocrites have slimed their opponent with, only this weekend left in the campaign.

(Click photos to make my lipstick BIG & RED -- Jill isn't subtle, is she?)

(Click photos to make me ENLARGED.)

Sara is correct. (And so is Max.) The Republican's are trying to get traction with hating Muslims. The Gay thing isn't working out too well for them any more, so now they're trying to transfer the hatred from The Gay to The Muslim.

Here we can watch the transfer attempt in action.

The Republican's need to be stopped cold. Called out, and fucking cold-cocked, left lying on the ground, unconscious.

Want to hate someone? Hate these people. They know what they're doing.

They may not hate America. But they sure as hell hate Americans. Not to mention they're stealing, literally stealing money and power from their rightful owners.

Traitors to America, both of them.

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Updated: 11/3/07

Remember the wack-job babysitter for Jill, Laurie Letourneau, profiled above as the kind of fair-minded thoughtful caring person these assholes hang out with -- and entrust the upbringing of their children with.

Here is what the Worcester Telegram said about Laurie Letourneau in the column of a popular columnist (hit the jump for more):
As found online in the Worcester Telegram Jan 18, 2005

Dianne Williamson

She asked that I withhold her name because she’s only 16 and respectful enough of her parents and school to abide by their wishes. But I wish I could identify this student, because we could use more young people like her who care about their world.

On Jan. 9 I wrote a column about Laurie Letourneau, a local anti-gay activist who said she’s moving to Virginia because Massachusetts has become a “cesspool” of immorality. I acknowledge that the column wasn’t exactly a love letter, as I consider Ms. Letourneau a hatemongering zealot who pushes intolerance to new levels, and I was relieved that someone so angry is no longer comfortable in the Bay State.

One of the e-mails I received came from the above-mentioned teen, a student at St. Peter-Marian High School. This young lady and five of her friends wrote a letter to Ms. Letourneau last year, after Ms. Letourneau and her group, Mass Voices for Traditional Marriage, organized a rally at St. Peter-Marian to ban gay marriage in Massachusetts. The students were upset that their school hosted the rally because some of their friends are gay, so they decided to put their education to good use by taking the time to articulate their views in a letter.

“How is the sanctity of marriage threatened by two people who love each other?” the students asked Ms. Letourneau in their e-mail. “Even if you disapprove of their relationships, would you also deny their innocent children of rights and protections other children would have simply because their parents are straight? How is this supporting stronger families?”

The tone of the letter was generally thoughtful and polite. At one point, the writers maintained that if Ms. Letourneau wouldn’t even compromise and support civil unions, then she must be anti-family and homophobic, but that’s as strong as it got. They ended the letter by thanking Ms. Letourneau for her time and expressing hope that she would “take these points into consideration.” They didn’t sign their names because, as the young lady later explained to me, they didn’t want trouble with their school.

“We purposely tried to be sickeningly polite,” the young lady noted in her e-mail to me. “At any rate, there was nothing wrong with that e-mail, right? Nothing too offensive or inflammatory?”

Right. But here I include, in its entirety, the response sent by Laurie Letourneau to a group of high school students who had the temerity to disagree with her:

“I shall give this to the Bishop tomorrow. Where are your guts — no name — well you poor sad creatures — don’t you know anything about your religion? Dah — sex outside marriage is a sin!! Try reading the catechism and actually learning about homosexuals — learned behavior — I am fed up with twerps who don’t have the brains to come in out of the rain. Try studying before you shoot your little ignorant mouths off. This will be given to the media and the supt. and the principal and maybe they can actually teach you something. Your (sic) are really sad people and I would be so ashamed as a parent if I had not done a better job rearing children to know that anal sex, disease, multiple partners, rimming, fisting, etc., were wrong!”

Sigh. There’s not much to add here, except to observe that it’s hard to tell from this exchange who is the grown-up and who is the child. And I suppose her mean-spirited missive served a useful purpose, by reinforcing my newfound sympathy for the state of Virginia.

The young lady, meanwhile, an honor roll student at her school, said she was stunned by the response.

“What kind of good Christian woman would list various sexual practices — some of which I had never heard of before, and I’m hardly na├»ve — in an e-mail to a 15-year-old?” she asked. “Though I hope she’s proud of herself — she has now converted me, my friends, most of my peer group and some of my teachers permanently to the pro-gay marriage side.”
Vicious, hateful, spiteful, horrid people.

The only good thing about them is, over the last seven years with them in charge of the United States, the unbelievers have seen with their own eyes precisely how fucking insane these total nut-jobs truly are.

Wack-jobs. Freaking Bush-Republican wing-nut lunatics.

THIS is the buddy -- the baby sitter of Jill Vogel who is running for the State Senate and previously was the RNC's lawyer. "Not playing with a full deck" was written to describe these fruit-loops.

And they want to force all of us to be just like them, under color of one law, one God, no sex they're not in charge of, and they get all the money.