Sunday, October 21, 2007

TSA asking tourists to take bombs on planes

This is so mind-numbingly stupid.

At San Diego International Airport, tests are run by passengers whom local TSA managers ask to carry a fake bomb, said screener Cris Soulia, an official in a screeners union. via Schneier on Security

This knuckleheaded-ness came to light when it was revealed that 60%-70% of the TSA Airport bomb checkers miss finding fake explosives during tests.
Howe said the increased difficulty explains why screeners at Los Angeles and Chicago O'Hare airports failed to find more than 60% of fake explosives that TSA agents tried to get through checkpoints last year.
The failure rates -- about 75% at Los Angeles and 60% at O'Hare -- are higher than some tests of screeners a few years ago and equivalent to other previous tests.

Its the freaking Keystone Cops. How long before somebody takes 5 to the noggin for helping out some guy with a laminated TSA ID card. Its not like terrorists are clever enough to dress up like TSA managers. No, they would never think of that. Regardless though, somebody is going to get shot.

Have I mentioned recently that the entire Fatherland Homeland Security division was Joe Lieberman's idea? This massive boondoggle needs to be shut down. We can't bring water on a plane, but the TSA are asking Bob and Ida from Des Moines to take some plastique into economy class. WTF.