Friday, September 21, 2007

Alicia Silverstone Naked

Warning: NSFW (naked bottom briefly)

Ladies... when Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp takes it off for their cause, oh baby oh baby, I swear... GNB will rush to objectify them also. Hand to my heart.

In the meantime -- it's Alicia Silverstone's ass! And oh yeah... she's a vegetarian.

Want some other reason? Aaaaargh.

Is objectifying women with nudity a total sell out of feminism, or a clever and even strong & powerful way for women to take back control of their bodies in a patriarchal society in order to make an important personal point which also contributes? And is it even possible for a man, especially one taking such obvious delight in mocking the entire process while ogling the goodies, to frame such a question in a post with such commentary, without being an obvious hypocrite?
Discuss. Especially in terms of Martin Heidegger's Dasein, especially in late of his affair with Hannah Arendt who said, "men, not Man, live on the earth and inhabit the world." Give two other examples from modern feminist thought. (Okay, that whole last paragraph was me just messing with you. Ain't I a stinker?)

Or you know, just watch the video, over and over and over again. 'Cause if that's what not eating meat has a body look like... well, damn.

PETA's got an ad campaign -- or at least an ad -- finally done right. More pretty please.

And oh... let PETA be smart enough to have this be a campaign. Starting with a suggestion box of whom we want to see next. Run a poll or something. Now that's a discussion genuinely worthy of the high moral standards here at GNB...

Who do you want to see all naked and shiny in PETA's next ad?