Saturday, September 8, 2007

Vietnam comparisons

This is so exactly like Vietnam. In fact the old white men who still support this war are mostly men who still sting from the loss in Vietnam. Conveniently forgetting the facts as they come to them. Only looking at the protest marches and press reports and family and friends turning away from them. Refusing to understand the mistakes. The futility. The lives lost.

We have faulty equipment and outdated tactics. In fact some of the same! We have the NVA in the Insurgents and the VC in AQI (Al Qaeda in Iraq). We have the total stupidity of the Pentagon which of course has been a constant since its inception. (Its my theory that the Pentagon is shaped the way it is in order to take our attention away from the fact of how inept it is, "oh look it has 5 sides!".) There used to be French Imperialism. There are underestimated enemies whose only source of power is the Americans who oppose them, like some sort of monster from our Id.

We have, fittingly, at the end of this long line of failed miserable series of tactics, ideas and propaganda campaigns. At the point were we are ankle deep in dead. We have the classic egotistical generals who are proud to serve their masters and not their men. Who quite literally have no compunction lying to keep the attention of the President and the American people at the cost of their reputations and the blood of their own men.

This war may have started because of Bush's dad, but it goes on and on because of all the old men who are re-fighting Vietnam.

Oh, it is so incredibly like Vietnam. Except the music was better back then.