Wednesday, September 12, 2007

GWB: Historic Dumb Ass

"History will prove me right."

We all know George Bush's history of business failures. Military failures. Drug abuse. A classic dry drunk, a man who's never truly accomplished anything in life (except wreck things), GWB goes by his "gut."

Once he's made his mind up, well, he's the Decider. And he's decided Iraq is going to be a success. Someday. Eventually. History WILL say Iraq was a victory. You betcha.

The Decider's been here before.

A long long time ago there was a meeting. GWB attended. It too was historic. The future was at stake. Billions of dollars and careers depended on the decision made that day. And when all was said and done:

The Cunning Realist

In 1993, Major League Baseball decided to realign its leagues and introduce a wild-card playoff format. Team owners voted 27-1 in favor of the change. The lone dissenter was Texas Rangers co-owner George W. Bush.

His comment after the vote: "I made my arguments and went down in flames. History will prove me right."

The result? The realignment and revised playoff format has been wildly successful and almost universally accepted, even by the sport's hidebound purists.
Ten years from now you're going to hear Bush and at least 11 other voices, whining up from Texas and think tanks in Central America...

"History! History will prove us right.