Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Gotta Have More Cowbell Baby

¿No habla Español? at Seattle's Home Depot

A man already upset from standing in line, reached his breaking point when he accidentally hit the "Spanish" button on the self-serve checkout machine as he attempted to buy a pry bar and hack saw at a Seattle Home Depot last week.

Seattle PI

Well, let's look at it this way: At least, this guy wasn't buying a blowtorch.

But that age-old adage that patience is a virtue somehow slipped the mind of a man shopping at The Home Depot on Utah Avenue South in Seattle on Thursday.

He became "frustrated that the machine was speaking Spanish," the police report says.

So, instead of asking for help, he let loose a blow with the pry bar and shattered the computer. He ran from the store and made a beeline to some railroad tracks.

A Seattle police officer searched for the man, but didn't find him.

The manager believes he caused about $10,000 in damage. He left the pry bar in his shopping cart.
I'm only surprised Drudge hasn't hit this...
The boy is a good, God-fearing American, driven to his knees, his very breaking point while shopping at a righteous, all-American iconic store, the Home Depot.

How could anyone be surprised he was driven to violence when the good jobs are taken by illegals, leaving him NO CHOICE but to check himself out on a GODLESS MACHINE. Then when he was suddenly made to listen to Spanish, well... What would you have done? What did Jesus do in the temple? A man's got to do what a man's got to do!

Spanish speaking machines in Home Depot. What do you expect in Seattle. *spits*

If only English was the Official Language of the United States, this could never happen. Make sure it doesn't happen where you live. Send your dollars now to...
Just watch. The vigilantes on the border will use this as a rallying cry: No Spanish-speaking machines!

The pry bar will become an official part of their gear. Red Necks will mount pry bars in their gun racks. Both Home Depot and Wall-Mart will run out of pry bars forcing some wingnuts to have to go to... Target.

The Horror. The Horror.