Friday, August 31, 2007

Last Long Summer Weekend

What are your plans?

I'm going to lie around the house, watch DVDs of BBC Planet Earth, the expanded edition of Serenity, An Inconvenient Truth, Black Snake Moan, Season 1 of Heroes, and Memento (which I've never seen, so don't anyone spoil it.)

Probably also ride my bike two, maybe three times, depending on what my daughters want to do. Say 30-40 mile each ride. And eat barbecue. Yummy. My famous bean diet has worked great. I'm down 35 pounds since I started, the lowest weight I've been in years. Not on beans right now, but am watching to make sure I don't go back up. Got another 15-20 to go down before Halloween if all goes well, so I'll likely go back to the beans one week after Labor Day and stay there till I've lost the weight. That should put me at 220-225 going into the long winter season which would be just perfect. But I have to have my barbecue for Labor Day.

Ribs, corn on the cob, coleslaw, hot corn bread, fresh butter & honey, and some greens. Also perhaps chicken. (I'm hungry right now is the problem.) Plus good sauce to dip the meat in. *sighs* Then just lay back and watch my new DVDs, checking every few hours to see how y'all are doing. Good times.

Where will you be, who are you with? What are you eating? Doing? Watching? Anything special or just kicking back? Any special recipes? What are your Labor Day weekend plans?