Thursday, August 2, 2007

Chicago, Chicago...

Lazy August Afternoons (Mornings and Evenings Also)

Nope, you didn't imagine it. Posting is a bit slow.

Hubris Sonic is at YearlyKos in Chicago. Sara's there as well. I've been getting ready to go on vacation and LowerManhattanite is in NYC holding down the fort.

My long-promised article which started out on doping and is now an essay, not just on doping, on lying in sports and life -- Should You Lie? About Trust -- got kicked back to me by the delightful Sara who as it turns out is a demon of the 8th bolgia when wielding her editor's pen. *shudders* The final essay will be substantially better thanks to Sara's pitchfork and manical laugh watching me struggle in and out of the pits superb editing, but can't be finished before the kids and I leave on our long bicycle ride.

In short, it's August. Hot, muggy, and slow. LM will post. Perhaps HS and SR will post. I will attempt to post at least once more before leaving Saturday morning at some fracking ridiculous hour. But with three of us traveling (two by plane after YearlyKos and myself and the kids by bicycle all of this coming week) and who the hell knows how LM travels... It's New York City so the possibilities include subway, train, taxi, bus, boat, aerial tram out to the island (oh come on, you remember that scene near the end of The Professional where 12-year old Natalie Portman [Mathilda] took her stuffed bunny rabbit and rode the tramway out to Roosevelt Island in the middle of the East River, yes, you know you do), and if you really want to get fancy, helicopter, private plane and ship. (Of course personal vehicles but who the hell is stupid enough to drive a car in the city?!) Not to mention you can walk damn near anywhere in New York. Gods I love New York.

My point is, the posting... It's August and till Monday August 13 when I return from vacation and all four of us are back home turning out the politics, snark, video, politics, news from the GNB Sports Desk, tech, the politics, and whatever else crosses what little's left of our travel-addled minds in the muggy heat which is August.

Till then, patience. Hugs to all. And please remember to keep breathing.

PS. Links, stories, background information wanted. Always.

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