Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Behold...The Winners!

Of The Group News Blog's Book Title Contest!

If you're just joining us, and hell, even if you were here for it but missed it,—on Sunday, I posted about the inane, and humor-deadening reality of Laura Bush and Jenna Bush's writing a children's book about a boy who doesn't like to read. The news came from the purveyor of such things, the estimable TBogg. And I could read in his post—nay, I could read/hear him sniffing, at something. That something being the distinct aroma of decomposition. Something had died. It was irony, and I could smell it too—as surely as Lennie Briscoe could sniff out a corpse in an apartment from two stair landings away. Promptng me to say:

“Irony is now officially dead. Its body has been hacked to bits, dipped in lye, drizzled with quicklime, then run through a wood-chipper...and finally, fed to the feral pigs out back.”

But I wouldn't—I couldn't let irony just go, into that cold, black night—so I enlisted you, the readers' aid. I asked you to help us all to retain our sanity, and “Keep Irony Alive!” by submitting your own ideas for fun books dealing with this bed-shit of an administration—and you came through with flying colors! There were so many good ones kicked in, that I had to expand the winning total that would be Photoshopped into reality from three, to five, and then again to a lucky THIRTEEN!

There were so many good 'uns, it was hard to choose—but I had to pick, and those chosen were selected for that rare combination of teh funny, what struck me visually/graphically upon reading them, a sense of irony—and yeah, that certain je nes saís mean, too.

So, without any further ado, here are your winners—the first books to be stacked in the Group News Blog's wingnut bookshelf of shame!


Top row from L to R:
“Invisible Man”,—by Colin Powell (from Julia), “I Am Too Well Raised To Say I Told You So”—by Howard Dean (from the wry the littlest gator), “The Dirty Walrus plus 100 Other Explosive Sex Positions” (from the prolific Thor Heyerdahl).

Bottom row:
“A Connecticut Yankee In King George's Court”—by Joe Mentum (from the littlest gator, again), “The Prince and the Pill Popper” (from Myrtle June) and “Witless Shrugged” (from that old rapscallion Driftglass).


Top center:
“The Laurabot 2000 User's Manual—Maintenance Book For Your Robot First Lady (from the very funny John D).

Middle row from L to R:
“One Lump or Two?—The True Story of W. Laura and Condi” (from murfmom), “The Foley Boys—The Mystery of the Laughing Page” (from prof. fate —I actually pulled something laughing at this one), and “Poodle Grooming” (again, from the mighty Thor H).

Bottom row:
“Healthy Sexuality”—by David Vitter (from Ivory Bill Woodpecker), “The Fat Cat in the Hat” (another killer from perfesser fate), and lastly, but not least, “The Cheney, The Thief, His Wife and The Yellowcake” (all bow to blksista).

And there you have 'em! Click on 'em, blow 'em up, print 'em out and trade with your friends! But most importantly, thank you for your contributions, and helping to really make this THE GROUP NEWS BLOG!

Lower Manhattanite