Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Documenting the Confederacy, Part 0: Introduction

First flag of the Confederate States of America (CSA)
Found on the intarwebs, used without permission.

I found a blog a while back that was systematically going through a collection of documents about the Confederacy and pulling out the proof that secession was about slavery.  I've since lost that blog, can't find it, and think perhaps it has slipped down the memory hole.

So I'm going to start doing that.  I'll be periodically posting a link to each of the traitor state's document describing their reasons for leaving the Union and selecting pull quotes that describe their reasons.  By doing so, I will be documenting, in their own words, that slavery was a significant reason for secession.  It will provide a library of responses to "the Civil War wasn't about slavery, it was about ...".

There will be an opportunity to discuss the meaning of the Confederate flag, as well.

In the end, I hope to create, if not a definitive resource, a sufficient one.

Part 1: The Confederate States of America and Treason