Thursday, May 19, 2011

Newt pissed someone off pretty good...

I have been noticing that before an So-called gaffs, before the anticlimactic twittter announcement and the pre annoucement about the twitter annoucement, people in dc and the media were already bashing newt. Someone somewhere (or someones) wants to doom this campaign before it even gets the boat out of the dock and into the water. I have no idea why, but the Beltway Bobs and Bettys do not like this guy. At.All. Maybe it was that ill fated meeting with the aliens back when he was speaker of the house?

Here's just a few of today's Newt-bashing headlines

Can Newt Gingrich save his campaignChristian Science Monitor

Newt Gingrich, 'Dancing Queen' Los Angeles Times

Everything Newt Is Old Again Huffington Post

and these are just a few. 

Now don't get me wrong. I do not like Newt, one little bit. BUT I am curious why so many repubs and their bought and paid for media folks have declared "You Shall Not Pass" to old Newt? Skeletons? Embarrassment? Do they really think Mitch Daniels will be a viable candidate? Considering some of the more amazing idiocies of Bachmann and others why all this scrutiny over the old fart anyway? 

Inquiring minds want to know. (inquiring minds are also taking bets on date and time for his "I have decided not to run and instead spend more time with my wives")

Your thoughts?