Saturday, August 14, 2010

GNB is still Alive

HOWTO: Create a Model Solar System
What We're Up To

What does creating a Model of the Solar System have to do with GNB still being alive?

Well, from one point of view, nothing at all. From another, everything.

Our writers have been up to stuff, see. From the usual being ill and recovering, to creating and selling software, starting businesses, working, writing and editing books and screenplays, doing radio broadcasts, writing for other publications, and All That Jazz...

Yes, we know there's an election. Meh. I just don't seem to care. Especially with the President's Press Secretary trashing the "Professional Liberal Left" and saying we should all go get drug tested. I'll take that drug test about the time President Obama keeps his fracking campaign promises.

Bush Lite at best. And in many cases, it's precisely what GWB would have done, just with a liberal face. Oh, I'm glad we got health care and yes, it looks as if with the Supreme Court confirmations we're going to manage to save SCOTUS from going over to the Dark Side for the next 40 years. Especially if Justice Ginsberg will allow President Obama to replace her, although I don't think that will happen unless he wins a second term -- and that isn't going to happen unless both he AND the economy shape the hell up.

None the less, as I said before the election, what really matters in the 2008 election more than anything else, is the Supreme Court. With two Justices now replaced with women (liberal) votes, this, truly more than ANYTHING that President Obama has done or will do in his entire first term of office, is what -- when I get angry at the difference between Candidate Obama and President Obama -- I reflect upon, and relax and am thankful, for indeed, we have saved the Supreme Court for another 20-30 years, a full generation.

As for GNB. Yes, we are here. I imagine that we'll pick up writing again at a faster pace again as summer comes to a close and fall begins. Right now, its much too damn hot to think of doing much of anything. All I want to do is sleep and read and watch old DVDs and take pain meds. However summer will end and the tempo of things will pick up. Right now life feels very "Doc Hollywood"ish... laid-back and just wanting to stay that way. "That's a fine pig you've got there Doc" and all, and summer festivels late in the evening as the sun finally goes down when its still 70 degrees at 9 pm and the teens and the old folks are dancing in the square with the dogs parking and kids running around. That's kinda what it's like at the moment. Writing a bunch when I could be sitting back and watching all the fun, well. I'd rather just sit here and make sure no one steals my pig.

*hugs to all* and hope you're having a fine summer