Monday, April 19, 2010

We Are Better, But, Not Safe Yet

Photo by Regina Avilos

The Roads Suck, But They Were Never All That Great

I want to begin by thanking all of you who stepped up to help, and post links. Thank you.

Aftershocks are close to continuous. We don't even notice most of them. Some of them are downright troubling though.

Food, what we have, is moving well. Special thanks to the Firefighters of Calexico and El Centro. I know that their job description is to be the hero when it's what is called for, but these guys are special. Viva Los Bomberos.

Many businesses, notably Lowe's and Smart & Final have really stepped up to lend us what help they can. Immediately after the quake hit, the El Centro Lowe's was a shambles, but they managed to be open for business. After a big quake like that being able to buy emergency building and repair supplies was critical. Smart & Final will match people buying supplies for quake relief pallet for pallet. When the situation is that through the First United Methodist Church we are getting matching funds we take those funds to a place like Smart & Final and our purchasing power is doubled yet again.

BorderAngels has reported a bump up in their donations. That's a good thing. Absent a disaster these are good folks doing good in our world.

Last night, we had a rain. Nothing horrible. We almost never get that kind of rain. It's a desert after all, but, the rain reminded us all that shelter needs are next on the triage list. In a few short weeks the temperatures here will be topping 100° on a consistent basis. The homeless will need shelter from thatI'm searching for things to link, but, I can't find any. We are still mostly the forgotten disaster.

That's OK I guess. It's not like we are used to being anything but the Pochos and NorteƱos we is.

Food Banks everywhere are in dire need of help, and anyplace that has anything resembling a surplus is sending it down. If you feel better about doing your giving locally, I understand.

Again though, thank you all very much for your help recently.

We'll dig out of this mess. That's what we do down here. There were some sections of the locally hated Border Fence that were severely damaged by the quake. I suspect more than one emergency shack will utilize that wreckage. Finally, something good coming from that bullshit.