Sunday, February 14, 2010

Do We Want It Enough?

No one said any of this was going to be easy. BUT damn.

So each day I wonder, where has my political fervor gone? I worked my ass off from 2002 till last year. Not a day went by where I did not do something political. And I mean way beyond blogging. Registering voters, making phone calls, going on political trips to learn more and do more. I worked on the Dean Campaign, The Kerry Campaign, The 2006 midterms and the Obama Campaign. I wrote, cried, and shed a lot of blood sweat and tears.

But summer 2009 till now... it has been the hardest ever. I just feel my will weakening under so many disappointments. And I ask myself. Do I want it enough? I mean nothing is going our way fast enough and the voices of the progressive movement are being shouted down in every arena.

Do we want it enough?

What is IT?

It is the whole deal... social justice, human rights, peace, health care, civil rights, women's rights, a sane world where science is real and religion is between you and your god.

That is IT. And what is clear is that if we want IT> we are going to have to keep working. Because "they" don't want it, or don't understand it, or are too afraid of it. And we are the only things slowing the slide into crazy land. Really I don't want to diminish the humans on the right but it is crazy...

a snapshot of what they believe...and do.

Declaring how our great health care system is and resisting change as we slip into nationwide medical bankruptcy and hover at the low 30's in quality health care.

Denying climate change as DC gets more snow than they have had in over 100 years and other places see record rains, drought, heat, hurricanes, etc.

Denying evolution as the rest of the world celebrates the life and contributions of Darwin.

Shouting at Tea Party rallies as families lose their homes.

Yammering on about founding fathers and the consitution as the highest court in the land grants unlimited election influence to corporations with money and limits voting access to regular Americans with election fraud claims and voter discrimination laws.

Taking control of a woman's body while women make advances around the world and lead many nations into the new decade.

Those are just some of the choices. I am sure we can all name more. That is what they want. Do we want to stop them?

Do we want it enough?

If the answer is yes, then we damn well better figure out how to get the Dems to do what is right as they are the only choice we have right now. We better force that spinal transplant any way we can.

And I better get back to political action each and every day. I better find the will to keep on fighting. How about you?