Thursday, January 21, 2010

Way To Go Cindy McCain!

Cindy McCain Joins in Calling for Marriage Equality

The organizers of the No H8 campaign recently began publishing this picture of Cindy McCain. They represent the main force of funding to continue the fight against the first amendment to the California State Constitution which was expressly designed to deny rights to a group of our citizens. The organizers also said that it was Cindy McCain who initiated the contact and offered her help.

The case in Federal Court is progressing. But, given the recent Supreme Court decision which effectively handed over our election process to the extremely wealthy, anything can happen in court.

That doesn't mean California hasn't discriminated before. It's just that the anti-Chinese laws were simple laws, not directly written into the constitution.

Thanks Cindy. It doesn't excuse the other odious positions you take. But, I understand that you're bucking your husband's position on this. (which, after all, doesn't take a lot of courage, it's your money honey)

I hope to see you keep on speaking out. The more folks stand up for things because it's the right thing to do, rather than because it is what Rush, Glenn Beck, O'Reilly, and that god drunk son of a bitch Pat Robertson say is what you should stand for.

Props to Meghan McCain too. Her stand on the issue is the same.

One of the arguments advanced in court today was that since California allows for domestic partnership that everything there is Okie-dokie. Plessy v. Ferguson demonstrated to us all that separate is never equal. The only thing that is equal is the same.

Same rights.
Same responsibilities.

It's only fair.