Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

It's Messy...
But, so. Much. Fun.
This is the sheer drudgery part of the process. Each pan of ganache makes on the high side of four dozen balls, to be dipped and turned into truffles.
Over the years, I've gotten good at it. I'm fast, and accurate. I get truffles that are close to a uniform size, with the goal being around eight truffles to a pound, without looking like they were done by a machine.
I have a good feel for what the right amount of ganache in my hand wieghs.
Fast is important though. A fine chocolate like the one I'm using will be liquid at eight degrees below body temperature. Time in the hands ruins everything.

The process is like this. Snatch up a glop of ganache. And, as above, do a quick moosh.

Roll, until a reasonable sphereoid forms...

Quickly finish it off into a nice sized ball. Put into the lined baking pan, with a standard sized baking pan, six truffles should easily fit across.

If you find the ganache is getting too sloppy, cover it closely, put it back into the fridge, wash your hands, dunk them in ice water, dry them completely, give it a half an hour, repeat the washing, dunking drying sequence and get back at it.

By the time I'm finished there will be around twenty four dozen balls ready to dip...

Yeah, I'm having fun.